George River Solo 2018

Day 27
Start Time: 8/10/2018 0:00 PM
Duration: 0:00
Distance / Total (km): 0 / 335.1

Even though I stayed up until 4:00am I did not sleep all that well, maybe 4 hours then toss and turn for another 3 hours. At 11:00am, I moved to the Pod, many mosquitos there. I spent some time doing a relatively easy manual extermination. The weather forecast promised rain and it arrived right on schedule, heavy at times but without much wind. The wind from the NNW is predicted to increase as the day progresses; I hope I am not hit with a combo of high wind and simultaneous rain, blowdowns suck, and wet blowdowns suck even more!

I decide to do the classic layover breakfast, just as I stood up to go out to see if my eggs are intact very hard rain starts falling and the wind that had been generally south did a 180° turn, it is now hitting me directly, the rising elevation behind the beach no longer providing protection. I decided to settle for the standard tea and oatmeal, no muss, no fuss and fast. I gathered up a pile of “stuff” to take back to the Marmot, might as well settle in there and snooze through the afternoon. Just as I made the move the rain returned, I ran around securing the Pod as best I could, dove in to the tent and got my stuff organized for a lengthy stay.

I sent out a request for a reading from the water gauge at the north end of Indian House, it came back at 700cms, a bit lower than in 2010 if I recall correctly. I got caught up on some of my record keeping, this was my 8th layover day out of 27, that is a very high ratio, I usually figure 1 day per week and with almost 400km to go this fact was slightly concerning. On the other hand, I am here with a plan but a very flexible one, I can stay out as long as I like or to be blunt as long as my supplies hold out.

At 9:00am the wind is still blowing outside, I heated some water for tea and enough to make a bag of Moroccan Feast (Happy Yak). This is a new to me brand, a Canadian (QC) company. Tasted pretty good for a vegan meal, a little small, using only 200ml of water. I hope that the wind will die down by morning so I can get started on the 100km of flat-water paddling that lies ahead.

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